We need a hand spreading #rabble14 across the land...
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Have you helped us distribute rabble before?

Why do you want to help rabble? How do we know you aren't just looking for some cheap insulation for your gaff? *

If you have helped us distribute rabble before, can you tell us the last time? Like what issue?  Shure skip on if not...

What kind of distributor are you? We take all we can find!

Can you list some of the places you are going to try distribute rabble?

What's the name of your premises and what is it? *

We'll tag you online and let people know they can find rabble there.
Do you reckon your place could act as a distro hub for others?

Basically we'd lash down extra bundles to you and ask other people in the locality to drop in to you to pick them up.
Does it have an online presence we can share some people know where to pick up copies?

How many bundles do you reckon you can take? We can ship anywhere between 1 and 16. There's 50 copies in each one.

Give us the full delivery address of where you want the bundles sent. A courier will ring you if there are problems

Oh, hang on. We need your phone number for our courier. *

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